PCOS and Weight Loss (PCOS&WL) Series III – 10 tips to curb food craving

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food craving I am writing this post with a great sense of satisfaction because this is one area which I have managed to be good at after PCOS. It is wonderful indeed to say that I no longer crave food – especially the junk food types. How much restrain was needed during the initial days!! And the resulting longing and craving and sometimes the depression (Why only me? type) were difficult to handle too. But do you know that a food craving can only last for few minutes – maximum up to 10-15 minutes. Once you overpower the craving, the sense of self satisfaction is immense and am sure will be a motivating factor for future self restraints.

It hurts more to drink coffee or smoke a cigarette to curb the craving. Coffee does two bad things at once for PCOS – caffeine and diary. I need not even talk about cigarettes. I know that it is easier said than done to stop the food craving especially when the whole wide world is filled with the beautiful aroma of food. But, its not just good for our PCOS but also for our general health that we stop these cravings. It might be difficult in the beginning, but you are going to gain a lot in the long run and lose a lot too – i meant the weight :)

food craving 1 Ok here goes my tips from my personal experience – believe me these do work. Tips 1-5 are for the initial stages. Once you have started practicing the restraints, you feel it’s time to give up on the cranberry juice and the occasional carrots between meals, 6-10 will help.




  1. Water: When you have that ‘must have food now’ moment, get a glass of water and gulp it down. Drinking lot of water detoxifies the body and stops that food craving too.
  2. Take alternative snacks. Don’t imagine I’m going to say Kellogg’s K snack. I meant carrots, almonds, pistachios or raisins. These can be very useful during the initial days of self control. Almonds and Pistachios are rich source of Vitamin E, Omega 3 fatty acids and are very good and recommended for PCOS.
  3. Eat regular paced out meals. Most importantly Do Not Skip Meals. Skipping meals and untimely meals make you crave more for junk food. Have your own regular meal time
  4. Cranberry Juice – this was a life saver during my initial days of fight against food cravings. Cranberry juice in general is good for female genital health and cures UTI.
  5. Take a power nap. This helps because as I said, the craving stays only for few minutes. Power nap also freshens one up. Or even better take a walk! Just distract yourself doing something else.
  6. When next time the craving starts, hold it for a minute there. Question this to yourself “Am I really hungry or do I just want it for the taste?” Reasoning with myself is by far the best method that has worked for me
  7. Reduce the quantity of sugar and salt in the meals because these are known causes for food craving. Reducing white sugar intake helps in weight loss
  8. Have interesting meal recipes. This helps me in having a satisfying meal and avoids mid meal cravings.
  9. Rinse the mouth or Brush the teeth. This is a sure shot method to stop food craving. This also helps improve the oral hygiene. More better wash the face – tackles that acne too!
  10. Next time you crave for food, don’t think about buying food, think about making it yourself. Sometimes I lose the interest in the food when I’ve to make it myself :P But if you can still persuade yourself, give in, make it, and savor it too. Then there is nothing better that works like the guilt. Trust me you will stop your cravings at least for one week after that.

Well these worked for me and I hope they work for you too in controlling the mid meal food cravings. Expect to see more on eating right in future posts!

Have success stories in stopping your food cravings, please do share them here!

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